Standard Poodle Project



       What is the Standard Poodle Project?



Immune System Diversity and DLA Testing

       MHC Haplotypes in Standard Poodles

       April 2012 MHC Haplotype Data

       NEW August 2013 PCC Group 1-3 Results

       NEW Dr Kennedy Report to SPC

       PCC MHC Poodle Study

       MHC Poodle Study April 2011 UpDate

       MHC Poodle Study May 2011 Update


Sebaceous Adenitis work

       UC Davis SA Study

       AHT (UK) SA Study March 2011 UPDATE


Population Statistics

       Standard Poodle Population Statistics

       More Population Statistics 2000 to 2010

       More Population Statistics 1960 to 2010

       UK Standard Poodle Statistics 1920 to 2010


Measures of diversity

       WHAT Is COI?

       What is % Wycliffe?


Dr John Armstrong

       Canine Diversity Project

       Diversity In Poodles

       Influence of Wycliffe