PCC Study Results of Groups 1-3

Poodle MHC DLA Class II Haplotypes


The latest results (August 2013) from the Poodle Club of Canada Study on Poodle MHC DLA Class II Haplotypes is in. Below is the table of all Poodle Haplotypes variants found, followed by the data on individual dogs. To see color coded data on individual dogs click here.




The DLA Class II Haplotype contains 3 genes, and each dog inherits 2 haplotypes, one from the sire and one from the dam. If a dog inherits two identical haplotypes, then it has only 3 unique alleles (2 copies of each). The most common Poodle Haplotype is a 1:1, two copies of haplotype as shown below



If the haplotypes are different there could be 4-6 unique alleles. It is thought that greater diversity means a healthier immune system. There are many combinations that result in 6 unique alleles. For example a dog with haplotypes 3 & 11 has 6 unique alleles as show below.



Likewise a dog with haplotypes 1 & 26 will have 6 unique alleles




A dog with haplotypes 7 & 11 will have 5 unique alleles since the DQA1 gene has two copies of the 00101 allele.



To see color coded data like these on individual dogs click here.



The table below is PCC Groups 1-3 sorted by number of unique alleles.





Here is the same table sorted by Haplotypes:





And here it is sorted alphabetically by name:





Sorted by 15 Generation COI (high to low)





Sorted by %Wycliffe (high to low)